Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No More Crying Over Onions

Here are two of my favorite tips for doing one of my LEAST favorite things in the kitchen... chopping onions. Blech... my eyes are watering at just the mention of it.

My first tip is something I heard from my friend Carla, tried myself (admittedly skeptical) and quickly appreciated and loved... cutting onions with swim goggles on.

As crazy as this sounds, it actually works. Not like makes you cry less, but no crying at all!  You look like a complete dork, but practicality wins out over fashion here.  This is not a glamor blog, it's a cooking blog, so have at it!

My second tip is something that I came about by total chance.  NO ONE had better confess that they knew about these before now because we might not be friends if you knew of such miracles and didn't share with me.

Ready for this tip that will change the way you look at spaghetti sauce (and many other recipes with chopped onions) forever?  Wait for it...

Hint... you'll find it here:

Please let me introduce you to Mrs. Fabulous herself (obviously these are female)....


Well hellooooooo, lovah! Do you die?  I DIE!  If onions could feel gratitude, I would kiss them all with big loving, slobbery smooches to show my appreciation.

They save so much time and hassle, it's ri.dic.u.lous.  I keep them stocked up in my freezer and cook with them all the time.  You add them frozen to recipes, so no thawing time needed.

It's okay to fall in love at first sight... I did too.

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