Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Banana "Ice Cream"

This picture is looking straight into my blender!  Thick and creamy!
  • 4 bananas (the more ripe the better)
  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk (you could use any milk, maybe add a teaspoon of vanilla to regular milk or vanilla soy milk)
  • 4 T Chocolate syrup (optional) - you could also use other toppings like chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
  1. Slice bananas in advance and lay out on cookie sheet or cutting board and freeze solid.  Slices can be touching, but not in stacks.
  2. Blend bananas and milk in blender (or food processor) until smooth and creamy.
  3. Top with toppings and serve immediately.  Melts fast!
Ummm... this has to be one of my favorite recipes to date.  My whole family freaked out over it.  It can serve 4 smaller bowls (125 calories + topping) or split between 2 for larger servings (250 calories + topping).  It's seriously just bananas and milk.  The only downside is that you have to think ahead and freeze the banana... or wait for your bananas to ripen.  After you taste this, you will see why waiting at all is definitely a downside!  I can see why the bananas need to be sliced before being frozen as this is a bit of an initial load on the blender as it gets started mixing.  Probably need a beefier blender or use a food processor on this one. This is a recipe I found and modified off of Pinterest.  DELICIOUS!!!!


  1. Jessi, you might seriously think about investing in a Vita-Mix. We have one and I thought oh just another blender....NOT! It truly blends, mixes and Chuck has made soup in it that is already warm and ready to eat. They have great warranties and make GREAT icecream!!! Just food for thought! Love you!

  2. I'd agree on the investment of a Vita-Mix! I got mine at Costco a few years back for quite abit less than regular cost but now I can't imagine making somethings I make regularly without it! For example, we eat a lot of peanut butter at our house and buying the peanuts roasted and/or salted in bulk, creates a fresh, tasty peanut butter that we think is better than using one of the 'in-store' peanut butter machines...along with soup, ice-cream, smoothie/green drinks, etc...and much more!